Organ Donar Foundation of S.A.

On behalf of the Chairman and the Management Committee of the Organ Donor Foundation, I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in making our wonderful television advertisement.


I have shown it to the Committee and they are very happy with it.
Without your generosity and support we would not be able to address the chronic shortage of organ donors in South Africa

We will be in touch with regards to formal acknowledgement.

Kind regards
Annemien Havemann


Centropilis Entertainment

LGary Smith has worked for the past six months on the motion picture 10,000 BC as Prop Master. I have been impressed with his valuable contributions and professionalism. He is the perfect deparment head, combining great artistic sense with a strong practical sense of how to use his resources efficiently. His crew respected him and would work tirelessly for him. And he was liked by everyone on the film.


I would definitly hire him again and would have no hesitation in recommending him to any future employer in the industry.

Michael Wimer


Simon Rice Testimonial

Dear Simon,
Well mate we did it again!!
Four films together and still speaking. Pretty good eh??
What can I say but thank you, your skill and imagination brought such a lot to the project as ever.
It is such a pleasure working with a real expert.
You are simply the best.

Mark Dornford-May


Mike Hare Testimonial

Hi Mike,
Good to hear from you. Just yesterday, was telling editor: just comb the C-Camera footage, he will have captured it.
Your work was excellent (and stress reducing) — look forward to working again!

All good wishes & Peace,
Allan Kroeker


Alan Bennett Letter of Recommendation

I am writing this letter to express my delight in the services provided by Alan Bennett.


Alan was employed as my personal driver and chaperone while on set for the movie ‘Secret of Whales”, for the period October 2008 to February 2009.


Alan exceeded my expectations with his pleasant disposition, proven reliability and steadfast sense of punctuality.


He is an excellent communicator, always courteous and methodical. He assisted with personal errands, following and meticulously executing my instructions. He is trustworthy and committed to ensuring I am pleased and comfortable at all times.


Alan would be an asset to any company or person utilizing his expert services.

Christopher Lambert


Cyclone Films

Thanks so much for all your help on this job.


Also to mention a huge thank you to a brilliant Grips team if you would pass it on , they worked so hard and long hours tirelessly and full of good humour. Thanks Stephen Knipe a great HOD , Alfre Theron, Lunga Funda and Jason Abrahamse for helping us out at the very last moment at the crack of dawn.


Have a good week

Warm regards
Production Manager
Cyclone Films


Gaffer Mario Mohamed

I have known Mario since 2003 and we have worked together on four major series. Mario is the best gaffer I have ever worked with. His promptness, his positive attitude, his hard work, his willingness to go the extra mile, his knowledge of the equipment and his ability to manage time under pressure with good humour have made my role as DOP so much easier. He has a good eye and is able to contribute good ideas to any production. He shows initiative and is pro-active without overstepping the mark. His input is invaluable.


Mario has a unique ability to get the best out of the technicians that work under him and their respect for him is palpable. Mario is always conscious of costs and is frugal in his management of resources and equipment without compromising reliability or the quality of the production.


I would recommend Mario without hesitation.

Buster Reynolds


Olivia McGrail Testimonial

Olivia McGrail has worked closely with me for the past 3 years in the capacity of Casting Assistant and Coordinator. She has displayed great flair in this capacity and has acquired all of the necessary skills to exercise her duties diligently and concisely.


In the above regard, she has proved to be a dependable and excellent assistant and under the Industries often demanding circumstances and always been prepared to go the extra mile.


On various Commercial Productions she has also performed the duties of Production coordinator and has proved to be equally valuable in this regard.


I have no doubt that she will prove a great asset to any company that she may work with in the future and we wish her every success with all future endeavors.

James Ryan


Navigator Films

Hello There,


We just wanted to say THANK YOU so much to the crew!!! It was a great shoot and what a wonderful team we had.


I will SMS ALL the crew a thank you on behalf of Navigator Films.


Looking forward to the next one.

Kind Regards


Gary Smith Testimonial

Gary Smith has worked for the past six months on the motion picture 10,000 BC as Props master. I have been very impressed with his valuable contribution and professionalism.


He is the perfect department head, combining great artistic sense with a strong practical sense of how to use his resources efficiently. His crew respected him and would work tirelessly for him. And he was liked by everyone on the film.


I would definitely use him again and would have no hesitations in recommending him to any future employer in the Industry

Micheal Wimer
Centropolis Entertainment


Etienne Smith Testamonial

Flight of the Phoenix. Art Department.


Please accept this letter as a recommendation for Etienne Smith, who acted as one of our Key set dressers during the shoot “Flight of the Phoenix”. Etienne was a vital part of the crew, most significantly as we prepped and dressed a massive oil rig set in the Namibian D\desert. Etienne helped to source equipment, prepared rentals and install the dressing on site.


We appreciated Etienne’s help, and would like to see him continue to hone his skills.


Please give him your best consideration.

Matt Sullivan
Adam Cameron



Thank you for your support and uber awesome crew.

Anne-Marie Hanna


Art Director Jeremy Argue

Your work is awesome, everything's great, we don't need to change anything on the presentation!

Sarel Esterhuizen


Tammy Nicol Reference - Discovery Channel

To Whom It May Concern:


I worked with Tammy Nicol on the Grand Design / Into the Universe with Stephen Hawkings. This was for the Discovery Channel.


I came onto the job and it had already to some measure been set up. This was done efficiently and with ease I was able to get all the information.


My experience with Tammy was that of working with someone who had more than just film experience to contribute, but also her lifes experience, and in someone this age it is refreshing. The qualities I most admire about Tammy are her fearlessness and independence. When you give her a task, no matter what it is, you are assured that it will be done, efficiently. She treats people well, and has good relationships with those around her. Tammy is dependable, honest, hard working, and focused on results.


I am looking forward to working with her again and wish her well in all her future ventures.

Carole Prentice



Please will you pass on a big thank you to all the crew on Revlon. It was a long challenging day at Lourensford Farm yesterday with an ambitious shooting schedule. The crew were professional and unfailing in their attitude so I just wanted to acknowledge that.



Silver Lining Pictures



I just wanted to say that Litha is really an amazing fellow and I had such a good experience with him on our TomTom shoot. I really highly recommend him for PA work, and the fact that he's also got Sparking experience (not to mention being a genny op) makes him an invaluable commodity on any set, in my opinion. He worked really hard, drove amazingly, and I could trust him with any task, no matter how hard.


Thank you!

Willem Grobler
Production Manager


Art Director Jeremy Argue

Your work is awesome, everything's great, we don't need to change anything on the presentation!

Sarel Esterhuizen


Juice Films

To all who worked on and supported us on the production of Claritin,


A massive huge thank you from, JUICE FILM for the incredible job you have all done. We have received NOTHING but amazing feedback from the Director, producer and the agency on this job.


Below are 2 excerpts we have received back and I wanted to share these with you – Thank you for making JUICE FILM look great, we can't do it without all of you!

Agency Producer



I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how thankful I am for the both of you and Juice Film. This production went so smoothly and was probably the most pleasant experience I have ever had. You and your crew, from bidding to prep to the actual shoot days were so accommodating and fun to work with. I was so comfortable and confident that you guys were buttoned up and it made my job 1000 times easier.


I cannot thank you enough for making me look good and making the agency as a whole look good.




….I myself have never had a more positive working experience in my professional career. … the crew and team maintained a positive attitude with multiple solutions for making the best possible product. You guys have set a new precedent for consistent professional integrity even during times of adversity - I always felt like we had the best support available


….From beginning to end you have made a lasting impression that will not be forgotten. From the tiniest details to the most important components you guys rocked it ….. I can not wait to get back to Cape Town for another production and I will continue to sing high praises for Juice Film.


Thank you for all of the hard work you guys did but more importantly thank you for giving me a more positive outlook on our industry as a whole.


Once again – thank you!!!

Carmen, Martin & Helmke


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